Belle Adair By The Record

The Brave and the Blue (2013)

“The Brave and the Blue glows with a deep, dusky aura. It’s an ambitious collection of genre-straddling tunes”

                                       — Spin

"the band’s full-length debut The Brave and the Blue is chilled out, cosmic and expansive, like Sea Change-era Beck or post-Summerteeth Wilco.”

                                       — Nashville Scene



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Polaroid Kid b/w Muddy River 7" (2016)

a special release for record store day 2016, this 7" vinyl record was never released digitally.

it is now available only at our shows and online



Shakin' Dead 7" (2012)

shakin' dead was released as a special edition 7" vinyl record in partnership with another shoals-area band, the bear.  their tune, "jack and joan" is on the b-side of this record.


it is available digitally, and limited copies remain at our shows and online.




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Belle Adair (2011)

this is our debut ep, available only digitally and on cd.


this was released independently in 2011, and re-issued by Single Lock Records in 2013.


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