Greetings from Tuscumbia. It's taken us a long time to say that. It's been nearly three years since we holed up at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL and made our second record. What took so long? Well, we spent a good bit of our time as John Paul White's backing band. We also backed the legendary Donnie Fritts, and some of us worked with Dylan LeBlanc. Matt lived part-time in Italy. Reed managed a record label. Adam and Hayden moved to Florence. And on and on and on. Amidst all of the changes, we never lost touch with the songs we made then. We never lost the idea of Belle Adair and Tuscumbia. The eleven songs that make up Tuscumbia still resonate with me deeply and truly. Time has not halted their impact. They are the most personal songs I've ever written - my own journey through a little town in the northwest corner of Alabama called Tuscumbia. I hope you'll join us there and hear the sounds we made - the sounds of Tuscumbia. There's plenty of room for everyone.  

- Matt